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Supplemento carburante

The Fuel Surcharge consists of an automatic increase applied only to tariff items related to transport, due to the value of the average monthly price of diesel fuel consumption, noted in an official way and published by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The fee is calculated based on the change in the average monthly price of fuel than the official price of reference refers to the date of the subscription tariff offer with the customer.

Each end of the month will be considered the average price at the pump detected by the Ministry (available on the website and compared with the average fuel price in the previous month, in order to be able to detect the rate of change and apply accordingly any percentage of tariff increase.

Sprint will pay to absorb the 70% increase in the monthly cost of fuel, and charge only 30% of its customers, specifying clearly on each consignment.

In the spirit of full transparency, we publish below the link of the Ministry of Economic Development where you can see the average monthly prices of fuel.

For any requests, you can contact the Commercial Officer SPRINT reference always at your disposal.